“Keep Its Worth” Program

Monthly Maintenance Contract

The “Keep Its Worth” Maintenance Contract is a low cost, no commitment service that provides the utmost care and concern for the wellbeing of your home and its occupants.

The monthly program provides for the servicing and inspection of over 200 plus items broken down into 12 visits that last approximately 60-90 minutes per visit.  Each month the checklist is reviewed and updated with items completed at each visit.

The “Keep Its Worth” program is designed for any homeowner looking to avoid expensive major repairs and preserve home equity while keeping the home functioning properly and safely.

The “Keep Its Worth” program is well suited for contemporary elders, penny-wise pensioners and the physically challenged alike.

The benefits of the “Keep Its Worth” program include, reduced energy consumption and utility bills, increased lifecycle of home components, avoid unexpected and preventable system failures thereby maintaining your homes value (or worth) at the top of the scale.

Additional benefits include:  * access to 24/7 “help line” for the care and wellbeing of your home, expedited handyman services (all members receive scheduling priority over non-members), never a surcharge for overtime or weekend work, no show-up service fees, and the “Keep Its Worth” monthly costs will never go up (you lock your monthly price in for as long as you own and live in your home when you sign up).

What the”Keep Its Worth” Monthly Maintenance Includes

Items performed at every monthly visit

  • Replace HVAC filters and vacuum return grille
  • Check and replace light bulbs
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Inspect exterior doors for proper operation
  • Inspect exterior window glass and screens
  • Inspect exterior foundation and brick veneer for cracks
  • Inspect exterior caulking and sealants

  • Inspect exterior hose faucets/bibs
  • Inspect tub/shower/toilet caulking
  • Inspect tile grout joints

  • Inspect sink and basin caulking

  • Inspect/Clean all faucet aerators

  • Inspect toilet functionality and operation
  • Inspect and vacuum clean bathroom ventilation fans

Monthly Items performed on a seasonal basis

The creation of Jack Handy LLC came about because of my own personal experiences with parents, relatives and other close personal friends who hired various handymen and home contractors over the years.

“Keep Its Worth” monthly maintenance programs, “State of the Maintenance” Survey, Handyman Services, Attic Floor Decking Installation, Barbeque Pit Assembly/Repair, Bathroom Hardware and many more.

Need help around the house but don’t know who to call? Jack Handy makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to get started, give us a call today 501-318-7904 and we would be glad to assist with your home maintenance and repair services.