Jack Handy Service Area

Jack Handy, LLC  has designated a specific area to offer their outstanding Handyman Services.  Our handy man services are separated into three different types. First is our trustworthy “Top Notch” Handyman Services which created the “Keep its Worth” Maintenance Contract Program, is a low cost, no commitment service that provides the utmost care and concern for the well being of your home and its occupants.  Our third service is a“State of the Maintenance” Survey, a non destructive visual analysis consisting of a through examination of the exterior and interior components of the home based upon an industry recognized 214 point maintenance check list.  Not all services are available in all areas. Please find below the map showing the yellow shaded area for Jack Handy LLC Service areas.

The creation of Jack Handy LLC came about because of my own personal experiences with parents, relatives and other close personal friends who hired various handymen and home contractors over the years.

“Keep Its Worth” monthly maintenance programs, “State of the Maintenance” Survey, Handyman Services, Attic Floor Decking Installation, Barbeque Pit Assembly/Repair, Bathroom Hardware and many more.

Need help around the house but don’t know who to call?  Jack Handy makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to get started, give us a call today 501-318-7904 and we would be glad to assist with your home maintenance and repair services.