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“State of the Maintenance” Survey

Handyman Home Maintenance Services

The “State of the Maintenance” Survey is non destructive visual analysis consisting of a through examination of the exterior and interior components of the home based upon an industry recognized 214 point maintenance check list.

Each “State of the Maintenance” Survey includes written documentation of the findings along with some photos.

The “State of the Maintenance” Survey is an invaluable tool for the determination of where to allocate resources and how to prioritize remedial repairs and maintenance of your home.

The survey allows homeowners to make educated decisions based upon the present condition of their home and how to plan for future maintenance requirements.  The “State of the Maintenance” Survey is also great for potential buyers of used homes who are not quite ready to invest $400 or $500 dollars in a certified home inspection.

The “State of the Maintenance” Survey provides homeowners with specific knowledge about the condition of their home at costs far below certified home inspections.  Information included in the survey can be found below:

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“Keep Its Worth” monthly maintenance programs, “State of the Maintenance” Survey, Handyman Services, Attic Floor Decking Installation, Barbeque Pit Assembly/Repair, Bathroom Hardware and many more.

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